The 5 Key Handbag Trends of Fall/Winter 2023

It’s almost November - meaning that we’ll be welcoming another fashion season soon. If you’ve been hitting arm day religiously to lift as many of next year’s spring/summer handbag trends, then our advice would be DON’T. Just yet…

“But VOIR, trends change fast. I can’t afford to be behind style” We hear you loud and clear, sis. But we know you’ve got more TLC (Tender Love & Care) to give the hottest trends of fall/winter handbags 2023 sitting in your closet, or even your pinterest board.  

So in honor of the bag must-haves that upgraded our fits these past 10 months, VOIR has compiled 5 handbag trends of 2023 bag collections that are fashionlicious and totally worth your 2 months (and a quarter) of adoration this coming Christmas dinner, End-of-Year outings, or just everyday errands.

To make your experience even easier, we’ve combed through our entire bag collection for you to shop for each trend. We promise they ARE the talk of the town and a run for your money. 


4 brands (Coach, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Bottega Veneta) showcasing their XL-sized tote bag collection for the FW2023 Fashion Season.
Photos: Courtesy of Meg Donohue from ELLE; Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2023; Sarah Mower from Vogue; Amy De Klerk from Harper's Bazaar


Handbag Trend 1: Large Totes

After last year’s obsession with micro and mini bags, the turntables on this one are flabbergasting. But let’s be real, they weren’t the most practical nor functional. Besides, with the roller coaster ride 2023 has been, some of us are needing the extra space for all that emotional baggage and drama. Oh, and for our keys, of course! 

VOIR’s collection ensures the optimal balance between a bag that’s XL in style, XL in functionality and XL in comfort. We promise you won’t be leaning sideways. 



4 brands (Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Prada, Christian Dior) showcasing their top-handle bag collection for the FW2023 fashion season.
Photos: Courtesy of Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog; Amanda Randone from Refinery29; Pameyla Cambe from Tatler Asia; Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog


Handbag Trend 2: Top-Handled

It looks like top handles are leading the scoreboard at 1-0 this season. And we totally get why! Imagine: walking - or strutting - on the streets of Bukit Bintang in the fiercest outfit you’ve ever curated. Complete it with a powerful grip on a sturdy top-handle bag, and it’ll scream girlboss! Not to mention, there’s a top-handle bag for everyone - whether minimalism, sparkles, or gold embossed. 

Psst, It’s a plus if they’re structured! Gotta love a bag that doubles as a whack-onator. 




4 brands (Brandon Maxwell, Miu Miu, Versace Victoria Beckham) showcasing their clutch bag collection for the FW2023 fashion season.
Photos: Courtesy of Yusra Sidiqui from Who Wear What; Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog; Alice Cary & Emma Spedding from Vogue; GRACE Magazine


Handbag Trend 3: Clutch Bags

Okay, so the clutch bag’s sudden comeback may cause some confusion with where and how to hold it, me included. But really, the lack of handles is just another way for your creative individuality to shine through, as displayed by designers and the different variations for clutch designs curated: slouchy, classic envelope, oversized, quilted or novel.

As Malaysians, we cannot live without 2-in-1s. Which is why our sling bags are often convertible to clutches, giving you a super wide range of options to choose from!




4 brands (Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Chanel) showcasing their chain bag collection for the FW2023 fashion season.
Photos: Courtesy of Ronn Tan from Lifestyle Asia; Stella McCartney Winter Runway Show 2023; Jessica Davis from Harper's Bazaar; Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog


Handbag Trend 4: Chains

Can you hear us shimmying with excitement? New to us or not, you should know that chain bags are VOIR’s thing. Like, our SIGNATURE item. Needless to say, chain handles bring out a chic rise and shine that’s guaranteed to upgrade your entire wardrobe with a little pizzazz and a lot of oomph. The best part: a simple gold chain takes one’s most simple bag and gives it a golden makeover.

As VOIR says: Long live the Chain!




4 brands (Stella McCartney, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Fendi) showcasing their simple designed bags for the FW23 fashion season..
Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney Winter Runway Show 2023; Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog; Mark Wittmer from The Impression; Kaitlin Serio from PurseBlog


Handbag Trend 5: Simplicity

From the return of shoulder bags, to baggy jeans, to combat boots, and layered blowout hair - it’s hard to remember a time where the 90’s weren’t calling the present with fashion tips and inspirations. The call for 90’s minimalism is no different. We’re learning that there's more to embracing simplicity and subtlety than meets the eye.

But no one said anything about kicking style out the door, as this collection of VOIR’s bags prove. 


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