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New Year Collection

ELLE V-Neck Day Dress

RM 152.00 RM 179.00

ELLE Printed Sleeveless Shift Dress

RM 96.00 RM 129.00

DAISY BY VOIR Boho Maxi Dress

RM 49.00

ELLE Short Sleeves Computer Knit Top

RM 62.00 RM 89.00

ELLE Textured Computer Knit Top

RM 62.00 RM 89.00

VOIR JEANS Cut-Out Crop Top

RM 42.00 RM 49.00

DAISY BY VOIR Ruffles Pleated Top

RM 39.00

DAISY BY VOIR Top with Buttons on Shoulder

RM 39.00

DAISY BY VOIR Striped Shirt Blouse

RM 39.00

ELLE Active Flocked Graphic Tee

RM 39.00 RM 59.00

DAISY By VOIR Knitted Wide Leg Pants

RM 29.00

ELLE Plain Midi Cardigan

RM 49.00 RM 129.00

*ONLINE EXCLUSIVE* VOIR Twistlock Flap Crossbody Bag

RM 39.00 RM 79.00

ELLE Active Signature Tank Top

RM 29.00 RM 69.00

ELLE Active Drawstring Hoodie

RM 29.00 RM 89.00

ELLE Round Neck Striped Tee

RM 27.00 RM 59.00

ELLE Lace Round Collar Tank Top

RM 35.00 RM 79.00